Design & Management Software Made to Grow with You.

Optimize your experience with tailored software modules designed for precision, ease of use, and comprehensive support. Whether in the lab or on the factory floor, software ensures your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Software Modules Breakdown

Commissioning Manager Module

Ensure your system is ready to perform with our Commissioning Manager Module, including rigorous internal and user acceptance testing protocols to meet your exact operational specifications.


User Administration Manager Module

Customize user permissions with ease, from Research Managers to Production Technicians, ensuring secure and efficient access to essential system functions.


Research Manager Module

Tailor every aspect of the manufacturing process, from resolution to substrate alignment, with the Research Manager Module, designed for the innovative demands of scientific exploration.


Standard Diagnostics & Maintenance Module

Keep your system in top condition with our Standard Diagnostics & Maintenance Module, offering intuitive troubleshooting and regular maintenance tools.


Remote Monitoring & Support Manager Module

Access immediate support and system updates with our Remote Monitoring & Support Manager Module, connecting you directly to Nanogrande's technical expertise.

Optional Add-ons

Web Access Manager

remote upload of designs and marry them with standard/predefined production recipes

Shop Manager

prioritize jobs, handle many designs in a prioritized production sequence, marry designs with standard/predefined recipes. Multi-machine management.

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