ES 200

Electronic Components 3D Printer System with Laser Ablation

Hybrid Process

Unified Precision

Tailored for the electronics and semiconductor sectors, the ES-200 integrates binder jetting and laser technologies in a single system to enable precise 3D construction of electronics packaging components.

From printing cooling structures and connector lines to fabricating substrates and direct wafer printing, the ES-200's advanced technology, in combination with our patented Fluidbed process, offers exceptional performance while maintaining a commitment to environmental sustainability.

ES-200 Specs

Maximum build size* of 320 x 320 x 250 (mm)


Spot size 1 pL, 1 - 20 microns


Production speed of 30 cm/s


Minimum layer thickness of 0.5 µm


Supports files from common design software

Lightning-fast Printing

The ES-200 can print more than 1000 parts of 1 cm³ per day, making it one of the fastest 3D printers on the market.

Unmatched Accuracy

Designed with ease of use in mind and with clear instructions, it is easy for anyone to start printing right out of the box.

User-Friendly Interface

State-of-the-art precision ensures top-quality, finely detailed prints with tight tolerances. Powders from 0 to 20 microns are used.

Photoresist Materials

The ES-200 excels in creating ultra-thin, smooth films on all standard semiconductor wafers with customizable thickness down to 1 nm, while its conformal coating capability seamlessly contours to any shape, redefining precision in electronics manufacturing.

Use Cases

Real-World Applications

Discover how Nanogrande's advanced additive manufacturing technology is empowering electronics packaging engineers and transforming entire industries. From aerospace to electronics, our systems are used in a variety of applications, offering precision, versatility, and efficiency.

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