No idea is too small to solve the world's biggest challenges


Combining additive manufacturing, nanotechnology, & mass production capacities, we provide for the first time true freedom of design and materials.


Nanogrande at a glance

At Nanogrande, we revolutionize product development with our patented FluidBed technology and ultra-high precision 3D printing systems.

Our mission is to lead in creating and developing the most advanced precision manufacturing systems, translating cutting-edge technology into value for our customers.

We speed up market entry, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. Mastering complex shapes and superior finishes, we enable 95% material efficiency, redefining manufacturing with simplicity and effectiveness.

It all starts with our hardware

From the beginning, starting with the introduction of our very first machine, high precision manufacturing has been our primary focus. We serve industries by selling our 3D printing machine and suppliying our customers with the materials needed to work them.

Custom Builds

Our advanced technology merges cutting-edge hardware with state-of-the-art laser and UV curing, delivering unmatched precision while reducing costs.

Our engineering services, technical support, training, and software updates ensure optimal performance throughout the life of our systems.

Whether you're an R&D organization or an industrial manufacturing firm, Nanogrande is your trusted partner for customized additive manufacturing, redefining the limits of innovation.