Nanogrande Services & Support


Contract Production

Sample + Short Production Runs

We will undertake manufacturing for our partners on a contractual basis from initial test runs, small batches, and large batch or continuous processing. We can dedicate machine capacity for various production runs. Please send us a quote request.

Order Materials

As a Nanogrande systems owner, you have access to more than 40 materials that are supported on our machine. A catalog and pricing are provided upon commissioning of our machine to each user. Users are enabled with simple online ordering.

Technical Support & Software Updates


  • Our system’s unique capabilities, performance, and quality are certainly among the main drivers for decision-making. There are further factors to be considered, including efficient operation, continuous uptime, and subsequent reliable support over the whole system’s lifetime, which are always appreciated by our customers.


  • With a team of professional service engineers, Nanogrande ensures that you can make the best use of your system. When you decide on a Nanogrande system, support with the process set up, factory and on-site acceptance testing, and comprehensive on-site training are always provided with the systems.


  • Our systems come with technical and application support for the first year of operating the system. We also offer extended software updates, maintenance, support service contracts that can be configured to match your individual requirements and budget.



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