Binder jetting 3D Printer with Laser Contour

Unveil the future with the MPL-200, a groundbreaking leap forward combining high-speed printing, unparalleled resolution, and the ability to work with a diverse range of materials from ceramics to dense metals.

Available in LAB size, this unit is an affordable entry point for universities and labs, with scalable FAB-size upgrades for a seamless transition to full-scale production.

Revolutionizing Binder Jett

Redefining Speed.

Maximum build size* of 320 x 320 x 250 (mm)


Droplet volume of 6 to 42 pL on 7 levels


Printing speed of 270 cm3 per hour


Minimum layer thickness of 0.5 µm


Supports files from common design software


The Process

Additive Manufacturing at its Finest

1. The MPL-200 uses binder jet technology and a powerful LASER head to cut the parts' edges accurately.*

2. In the oven, the green part is densified

3. Next, the binding agent is removed

4. Lastly, the parts are polished using our proprietary Nanopolisher

*MPL 200 comes with a laser to create the highest resolution contour for your parts


Print Your Way




Carbon nanotubes

The MPL-200 doesn't just print; it transforms. Its binder jetting technology, coupled with our FluidBed system, means you can seamlessly switch between ceramics, metals, polymers, and even carbon nanotubes, ensuring your projects are not just made but masterfully crafted.

Dual-Material Injections

✓ Mass Production Capabilities

✓ Highest Resolution on the Market

✓ User Friendly Software

From Concept

To Reality

The MPL-200's Broad Spectrum of Applications Across Industries

Whether revolutionizing aerospace components with its precision, accelerating automotive innovation with its speed, or pushing the boundaries of medical device manufacturing, the MPL-200 is the solution you've been seeking. Its adaptability and performance make it a cornerstone in any industry looking to surpass the current limits of additive manufacturing.

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