Laser Sintering 3D Printer

Introducing the MPL 100, the world's first 3D printer equipped with our patented FluidBed technology which deposits layers as thin as 1 nm. Once deposited, we apply laser sintering to fuse the layers on selected areas. As a result, this approach significantly cuts processing time by eliminating the need for oven sintering.

Unlike others, the MPL 100 offers unprecedented precision, flexibility, and efficiency, making it the most advanced solution for high-precision fabrication.

Big Ideas Need Big Spaces

MPL-100's Expanded Build Area

Nanogrande builds for both large production and labs. The MPL-Line serves as the cornerstone of next-generation manufacturing.


Maximum build size* of 200 x 200 x 100 (mm)


Fiber Laser beam diameter of 0.5 µm


Printing speed of 500 cm3 per hour


Minimum layer thickness of 0.001 µm



Craft Your Vision

From classic gold to robust titanium, explore the vast array of metals and alloys that the MPL-100 can handle with unparalleled finesse.



Our patented layer deposition process is the only one enabling unparalleled material diversity.


The MPL-100 applies a laser sintering approach and is best used for smaller batch production. For larger parts, consider the MPL-200.

Use Cases

Explore Different Applications




The printer excels in manufacturing parts that are too small for conventional CNC machining yet too large for lithography, filling a critical gap in the market.

Its precision and material flexibility make it ideal for creating intricate designs and components, from watch screws to complex jewelry pieces, without compromising quality.

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